Safety and Quality is Our Priority

JAE Stations

Welcome to our Aircraft Maintenance Service Station, where we ensure your flights are not just safe but extraordinary. With unmatched dedication and expertise, we redefine aviation excellence

Jae Station

Main Services

With the support of our trained engineers and mechanics, we provide high quality service to make sure the aircraft is in complience and safety condition before take off.



Provide certification release before flight. To ensure the aircraft is in a flight-worthy condition for passengers and crew safety.


Wheels and Brakes

To support our customers especially who are operates at Eastern Indonesia with high quality service standards to meet their operation demand.


NDT Service

We provide NDT Service to detect most minor defects on your aircraft and ensuring you a safe flight.


Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

We support Ground Support Equipment including GPU, ACU, Air starter units, potable water and lavatory service truck for aircraft between flights during transits.


Labor Utilization

Checking the condition of the aircraft, both check the aircraft cabin and inspect the aircraft to make sure there is no defect on the aircraft.


Aircraft Exterior and Interior Cleaning

Perform cleaning of the interior and exterior of the aircraft. Providing comfort to passengers during the flight


Engine Borescope Services

We also provide Engine Borescope Inspection with the following functions


Bonded Store

JAE has bonded stores strategically located in CGK, DPS and SUB stations to reduce spares transition time during replacement and has support from government agencies like customs to ensure secure environmentally controlled, storage facilities, minimize duty taxes and reduce import /export processing time.


Technical Ramp

We support Technical Ramp that includes marshalling of aircraft, position and/or remove wheelchocks, position and/or remove landing gear locks, engine blanking covers, pitot covers, surface control locks, tailstands and/or aircraft tethering, operate ground power unit (GPU), ramp to flight deck communication, operate cooling and heating unit, and operate air starter unit.