JAE 14th Anniversary Event Celebration

JAE 14th Anniversary Event Celebration


JAS Aero-Engineering Services officially turned 14 years, since it was established on 1st December 2003. The anniversary event was held on 15 December 2017 in the Function Room at Purantara Building (PMAD) and was celebrated by JAE employees in CGK. We also invited Bapak Wahyu Sulistiono (Station Manager SUB) and Bapak I Made Subudi (Sr. Staff DPS) to represent their respective stations. For the other stations, they celebrated JAE Anniversary with lunch together.

The purpose of this event is to increase harmonization among employees and to motivate every individual within this company to increase performance and productivity through better bonding, co-operation, collaboration and communication. The event was fun-filled and well attended by all employees in CGK. Those on shift duties joined the festivities when they had completed service handling of their scheduled customers. Similar celebrations were held at other JAE stations.

Charity Giving to Orphans

This charity is dedicated to the family from Bapak Dadang Asmansyah who worked in JAE since 2010 as GSE Operator. Bapak Dadang passed away on 30 December 2012. We hope that this humble contribution will assist and encourage more strength and resilience for the family to succeed in the years ahead.