Opening of Bonded Store SUB

Aero News vol. 9 - 2018

Opening of Bonded Store SUB

Effective from 9 July 2018, Bonded Store SUB Station is officially opened and ready to support customer needs.

The Opening ceremony of the Bonded Store SUB was attended by Board of Directors (Bapak Werry Orbani as President Director, Bapak Alan Moss as Vice President Director and Bapak Ho Kah Kien as Operation Director), Bapak Wahyu Sulistyono as SUB Station Manager, Bapak Indra Waskita as Marketing Manager, Bapak Arif Budisantosa as Line Support & GSE Manager, and all staff in SUB station.

The opening event was fun and smooth and followed by cutting Nasi Tumpeng as the symbol of inauguration. Hopefully this new bonded store can bring JAE to a wider business level.