Employee of the Month

Aero News vol. 9 - 2018

Employee of the Month

This campaign is valid for all stations including small stations. The nomination must be proposed by the Station Manager or Superintendent with reasons clearly described for their recommendations. The Employee of the Month campaign will be conducted every 3 months in a year. Below are the Employee of The Month for June 2018 Period :

  • CGK: Ginanjar Febrianto / Mechanic
  • DPS: I Nyoman Kartana / Engineer
  • SUB: Alfin Hidayat / Store Keeper
  • KNO: Gunawan / Mechanic
  • Remote: Aftah Arief / Station Superintendent (PDG)

Congratulations to the winning employees. Hope this campaign can motivate other employees to be the nominees on the next period by improve their work performance.