Commercial Team Gathering with JAS, JAE, PMAD

Aero News vol 8-2018

On 17 January 2018, JAE and JAS were invited by PMAD for a CAS Group Commercial team lunch gathering which was held at the Purantara Building (PMAD). The purpose of this gathering was to enhance sharing between all CAS subsidiaries and business units (JAE, JAS, PMAD, CASB, CASC, and CASD). The gathering was hosted by Bapak Mingki F. Tanoed who is the PMAD Commercial Executive Director. The most interesting part was when PMAD brought everyone on a tour of their facility to introduce food processing for airlines standards which was led by Bapak Herman Sulaiman who is the PMAD Director of Operations. The tour was enlightening, entertaining and detailed. All participants learned much about Airline Catering processes and the strict hygiene standards required.

Thank you PMAD for having us.