Farewell for Ibu Tutik, Ibu Ria, and Bapak Ardi

Aero News vol 8-2018

In December 2017, JAE organized a farewell party for three of our employees, Ibu Sutri from HR department, Ibu Fajaria and Bapak Ardi from Finance & Accounting department.

The event was held in Soewarna Building, and was attended by JAE BOD, Managers and staff. Bapak Werry Orbani expressed high appreciation to Ibu Sutri, Ibu Fajaria, and Bapak Ardi for their contributions. Appreciations and well wishes accompanied farewell cakes for everyone. Although Ibu Fajaria was unable to attend the event, we wish all of them good luck for their new beginnings and for the future!