Welcome to PT JAS Aero-Engineering Services

Provider of aircraft maintenance and repair services.

Our Services

We provide and support aircraft needs shortly after the aircraft landed. With the support of trained mechanics, we make sure the aircraft is in good condition before taking off for the next flight.


Provide certification release to service before flight. Ensure the aircraft is in a flight-worthy condition for the safety of passengers and crew.

Bonded Store

Spare parts storage is located in several main stations such as CGK, DPS, and SUB immediately to reduce the replacement of spare parts with support from the government such as customs and excise.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Support aircraft operations when on the ground both before departure and after arriving at the airport. The functions of this equipment include ground power operations, aircraft mobility, and loading operations (passengers and goods).

Labor Utilization

Checking the condition of the aircraft, both check the aircraft cabin and inspect the aircraft to make sure there is no damage to the aircraft. Supported by the availability of experienced and competent mechanics and engineers in several types of aircraft engines, also the availability of periodic training for mechanics and engineers.

Technical Ramp

Support that includes marshalling of aircraft to the parking stand and aircraft pushback. Services include fight deck communication, starting, moving aircraft, exterior and interior cleaning.

Aircraft Exterior and Interior Cleaning

Perform cleaning of the interior and exterior of the aircraft. Providing comfort to passengers during the flight.

Our Profile

PT JAS Aero-Engineering Services (JAS Aero) is a subsidiary of CAS Group which operates as a leading provider of aircraft technical maintenance and repairs at 17 major Indonesian airports. JAS Aero provides services for large and small aircraft, including technical certification (CRS), maintenance and repairs, technical ramp equipment such as ground power units (GPU), air starter units (APU), air conditioning units (ACU), portable water and toilets space tools, as well as administration of bonded storage for wheels, spare parts, and consumables. JAS Aero is supported by 270 staff, including 80 licensed technicians and 50 mechanical workers. JAS Aero became part of the CAS Destination segment after revitalizing the CAS Group brand.

Our Customers

So far we have approximately 43 customers spread across Asia, Europe and Australia.